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Sakiraaɓe tedduɓe, Ñalnde 18 Deesaambur / Bowte 2017– wano woowiri non e hitaande kala- winndere nden fof mawninno ñalngu ɗemngal aarabu ngal e yamaruyee Unesco, suɓiiɓe nden feere mawningol ɗemngal aarabu ngal Jokkito »

Kawral am e yumma Salamatu Soh, ka jaaɓi-haaɗtirde Mohammed V, Rabat 2017-09-27

Yumma Salamatu Soh, anndiraaɓe Salamatou Sow, wiɗtotooɗo ka jaaɓi-haaɗtirde Ñamee (NIGER), ɗemɗiyaŋke humpitiiɗo fii Fulfulde e Pulaaku, nodditano tawtoreede e bensondiral mawngal waɗngal ka laamateeri Marok, e nder Saare mawnde nden Rabat Jokkito »

Gonal Fulfulde ndeer gannde kese

Fulfulde e gannde kese, ko tiitoonde winndannde nde wiɗtooɓe ɗiɗo (2) misranaaɓe hawtiti winndi, ɓen ngoni : Dr. Aadel Usmaan Imam Ayat, jannginoowo ɗemɗe afrik, to Duɗal Ɗemɗe e Eggo (faculté de Jokkito »

Ciimtol FPU & FPUNA nder Washington: 7, 8 & 9 lewru Morso (July), 2017

Taariika Fulɓe Progressive Union (FPU) ko mojobere daraniinde fiyaakuuji renndo e pinal. Ko e hitaande 1966 nde sincaa e nder Sarlon. Innde mayre aranere nden fewndo nde sincaa ko Fullah Youth Organization Jokkito »

Nafitorgol karallaaji kesi fii jannugol Fulfulde

 Gila internet layi, humindiri jamaaji ɗin, wontuno laawol lumbinirngol miijooji e eɓɓooje, maandinirngol jannde e gannde. Ko e ngol laawol kadi yimɓe ɓen waɗti daɗndirde ngaddamaakuuji maɓɓe e finaa-tawaaji maɓɓe, seɓitoriiɗi mulugol. Jokkito »


Report about The Cultural day: « Fulbe language and Culture and other African languages »

This Cultural day organized in collaborating with Kawtal J.P.F e leyɗe Arab and African Research and Studies Institute in Cairo University, the main object was for showing of how Fulani culture and language are important, because the Fulani language is one of the major African languages.

At the end of 2014 we started thinking: how to organize cultural day, so we contacted with Tabital pulaaku members in Arab counties for Consultation. The idea was accepted by many of them, and by the Egyptian authorities, and then we announced the decision to organize this first cultural day. At the beginning the program was consist of four parts: Two discussion sessions; an exhibition of Fulani books; a fashion show and a play. The two last parts were canceled because of technical reasons.


After contacting people and associations concerned, many of them presented their contributions, so that TP/LA was able to organize this very important cultural event in Cairo University, it was a full day.

Many African diplomats were present in opening session, like Excellency Ambassador Dr. Mamadou Sall (Senegal), Excellency Ambassador Ambassador Dr. Mohammed Labaran (Cameroon), Excellency Ambassador Mr. Soriba Kamara (Guinean Conakry) Mr. Ibrahim Diallo from African union bureau based in Cairo, Mr. Doucoure Abdoul karime representative of Burkina Faso embassy, dean of the African Research and Studies Institute Dr. Hasan Subhy and head of languages department in Institute of African Studies and Researches, Cairo university Dr. Mohammad Nowfal, and head of African languages department in faculty of languages an translation, Al-Azhar university Dr. Abdoul Hayyi Salem, and big number of students was attended, most of them were Fulani from different African countries, and this showed the large extent and presence of Fulani in Africa.

In this cultural day many researchers participated from different countries, eleven of them presented their papers; six of them presented their researches on the Fulani language and Culture, one speaker talked about Amharic literature, and two speakers about Swahili literature, one about Hausa people and one about the languages of Nile Basin countries. It was exciting and successful day.


Two paners were prepared, one of them for definition and presentation of the TP/LA and Kawtal janngooɓe P.F, another one for presenting some Fulani figures, whether they are politicians or religious and writers, and shawing some Fulani arts and cow and milk as a Fulani tradition.

  1. Shields and certificates of appreciation:
    Tabital pulaagu LA offered some shields, written in Fulani language, to the diplomats who participated in the forum, as well as some of personalities who contributed to the Fulani language and culture development.

On the other hand, certificates of participation, written in Arabic offered to all lecturers who participated in the forum. And TP/LA and Kawtal J.P.F offered particular certificates of participation to all who made their papers about the Fulani language and culture.

  1. Fulani Books exhibition:
    Organizing Committee presented an exhibition on the Fulani books included a variety of topics: language and grammar, literature and culture, as well as some cultural tools.
  1. Recording Forum activities:

All events of the forum were recorded, video and audio, from beginning to end, and to ensure the accuracy and coverage of events the organizing committee chose two ways to register, internal recording achieved by the hall conference recorder, because the hall is equipped technically for that; on the other hand, one professional cameraman paid for record all activities. So the CDs are available, and copies of them will be sent to all branches of Tabital Pulaagu leyɗe Arab, Tabital Pulaaku International, the sponsors of this forum, all associations and brothers who are interesting in it and the media.


This report prepared by   Abdou BA

On behalf of TP/LA

Kawtal Janngooɓe P.F Cairo

and the organization Committee

Cairo, Egypt: 19/05/2015

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